Dad’s Corner

A Father’s Seminar, held on April 2021:
Educating Your Sons About Their Sexuality

This workshop, held on April 24, 2021, featured Michael Moynihan as the main speaker with panelists Pat Fagan, Pat Kilner and Mike Pakaluk. You can watch Michael Moynihan’s presentation here (for best results, go to full screen):

Educating yourself on human sexuality

The Truth & Meaning of Human Sexuality by The Pontifical Council for the Family (Dec. 8, 1995), 39 pages.

Brain, Heart, World: Discover the Harmful Effects of Pornography, Fight the New Drug, three 30-minute videos.

Fatherhood: Be a Better Dad

The Dad Project: Podcasts on everything of concern for fathers (38 and increasing all the time).

Rebuilding Our Nation One Son at a Time, Pat Fagan

Educating young men on their sexuality: script tips for Dad’s and Granddads

The Heights Forum Podcast: The Talk: on the Role of Schools and Fathers, Mike Moynihan, audio, 41 minutes

Tips for Talking to Your Kids about Sex, CanaVox,, 49 pages. Alternatively, these articles are also here.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids, Kristen Jenson, (available on Amazon), 44 illustrated pages for reading to children 8-14.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds, Kristen Jenson, (available on Amazon), 33 illustrated pages for reading to children ages 3-7.

Things you can do

Letters from the Headmaster: Smart Phones, Alvaro de Vicente, May 31, 2019, 4 pages.

Tech Talk #5 Home and Family Internet Setup, Rob Dunikoski, Northridge Parent University, video, 16 minutes.